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You secretly think the word “knees” is hilarious – Why Support The Media Show?

posted by Gus

Do you giggle when you look at the word “knees” for long enough? So did Nicola McEldowney. We set her loose on a couple of scripts because we’d seen her blog, which is pretty hilarious right down to the footnotes. When she turned in the Two Songs Don’t Make A Right script, she said “I’m not sure the ‘knees’ bit is really your kind of humor. You can cut it if you want.” We loved it. The knees stayed in the picture. Nicola also worked on the scripts for What’s In A Flame? and Introducing the Intern.

Like what we do? Pledge and help us make the next few episodes before our Kickstarter fund drive ends!

Scared to violate copyright in your classroom? Support The Media Show

posted by Gus

If you don’t use movies or music in your classroom because you’re scared to violate copyright, you should support The Media Show.

We hear this a lot from teachers. A middle-school teacher wrote to us saying “I know I’m probably breaking a million copyright laws, but I’m going to show this episode to my 7th grade television broadcasting students about product placement.”

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Help Anonymous(ly) Spread Critical Thinking

posted by Gus

So, this happened:

During a previous Kickstarter campaign, we offered funders the opportunity to sponsor a media literacy workshop at a school, community organization, scout troop, or other place which could use one. One backer generously stepped forward at this Participating Sponsor level.

In a note to me, he let me know that he didn’t want his name listed on the page. Can you list me under some other name? Maybe a funny one? he asked. Or wait — maybe as “Lulzsec” or “Mr. Assange from the Wikileaks Foundation.” Or just… Anonymous.

I thought this was absolutely brilliant. So The Media Show ran the first ever media literacy workshops for Anonymous, with a troop of Girl Scouts in NYC.

girl scout troop

Would you like to be an Anonymous donor, and help support critical thinking about the media? Just imagine a roomful of kids who’ve just had a great time playing with media and technology, remixing and digging deep into where media messages come from, calling out “Thanks, Anonymous!” as they head back out into the world better armed to think critically about ads, news, and Internet forwards. Everyone can be Anonymous — you don’t have to spend time with Sabu in IRC to play along!

Support our new Kickstarter campaign! Give $400, and we will do a remote workshop or talk for kids who are not likely to get media literacy instruction in school, in your name, or Anonymously. Help us ensure the next generation knows how to read between the lines!

Bring The Media Show to your school!

posted by Gus

We’ve had a couple of requests to describe the workshops and presentations that The Media Show could do for schools, colleges, afterschool programs, libraries, and pre-service teachers. So Gus has drafted a list of just a few possibilities, below. Workshops are intended for junior-high or high-school audiences, except where otherwise indicated below. As a reminder, we are currently offering these workshops only through The Media Show’s Kickstarter fundraiser, an offer which lasts only through just before noon on Tuesday, September 23!

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WWJD – The Media Show

posted by Gus

Weena is bummed out when she sees the Bounty paper towel ads with the Muppets. But Jim Henson’s fame and fortune were built on the ads he did in the 1950s and 1960s. What’s the relationship between art and ads? What would Jim do? What do you think?