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Category: 111107 – What is a hacker with Emmanuel Goldstein

The other side of “hacking” – Why support The Media Show?

7 September, 2014 (14:27) | 111107 - What is a hacker with Emmanuel Goldstein, 120216 - What Is A Hacker with Mitch Altman, Kickstarter | By: Gus

Did you catch these videos where Mitch Altman and Emmanuel Goldstein explain what “hacker” has historically meant within the tech community? If you did, Hi! We’re The Media Show, produced by Gus Andrews and Rob Vincent. We’ve been involved in the Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) conference and Off The Hook for many years. And […]

What is a hacker? with Emmanuel Goldstein – The Media Show

27 March, 2012 (16:49) | 111107 - What is a hacker with Emmanuel Goldstein | By: Gus Andrews

When someone says they are a hacker, what do they mean? Are they a criminal? Do they have 31337 c0d!ng sk!11z (and do they have to write like that)? Is someone who runs a script to put graffiti on a website a hacker? Are Anonymous hackers because they can code? Erna asks Emmanuel Goldstein, editor […]