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Category: Stunts

Where do programmers work? Help us show the world!

24 November, 2014 (15:22) | Stunts | By: Gus

For The Media Show’s current season, we are answering questions that people ask Google about the media and technology. We’ve been finding these through search autocompletes — we start typing something like “Why does TV…” and let Google tell us how a lot of people finish that sentence. One question we found people asking is […]

Hollister Handouts!

25 May, 2011 (16:52) | Branding, Stunts | By: Gus

Ever since we did the Hollister episode, I’ve been noticing people walking around New York with HCO SURF or HOLLISTER SOCAL or that seagull logo branded onto their clothes… and wishing I was some weird-looking old lady who could go up to them and mysteriously say, “THINNNGS are not what they SEEEEEEEEMMMMM!” and cackle and […]