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Category: episodes

Bring The Media Show to your school!

31 August, 2014 (18:50) | About the Show, episodes, Kickstarter | By: Gus

We’ve had a couple of requests to describe the workshops and presentations that The Media Show could do for schools, colleges, afterschool programs, libraries, and pre-service teachers. So Gus has drafted a list of just a few possibilities, below. Workshops are intended for junior-high or high-school audiences, except where otherwise indicated below. As a reminder, […]

WWJD – The Media Show

4 August, 2014 (22:53) | Branding, episodes | By: Gus

Weena is bummed out when she sees the Bounty paper towel ads with the Muppets. But Jim Henson’s fame and fortune were built on the ads he did in the 1950s and 1960s. What’s the relationship between art and ads? What would Jim do? What do you think?

Spice Must Flow – The Media Show

4 August, 2014 (22:41) | episodes | By: Gus

Erna learns about the supposed antioxidant qualities of spices and decides to start a cooking show. Weena flips out about science claims in ads by McCormick.

Origin Stories: The annotated original Media Show pitch document

12 August, 2011 (16:59) | About the Show, episodes | By: Gus

Someone recently asked me for a description of The Media Show that would be “less jokey” than the video we have running for Kickstarter. “Natch, we’ve got that up online someplace,” I thought — and then went looking, and couldn’t find it. We have a ton of documentation up on the Media Show Case Study […]