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Music from the show

The Media Show uses Creative Commons-licensed music in its soundtracks. Here are links to songs we’ve used — often on pages where you can download the music yourself if you liked it!

Please note that the chiptune community likes to cuss on their websites (though not in their music necessarily). A LOT. If you’re not into that sort of thing, here is a video of some adorable otters instead.

Season 11 (Spring-Summer 2012) music

Spice Must Flow


Season 10 (Fall 2011) music
What Is Language Localization?

Content Farms and SEO

What Is A Hacker? With Emmanuel Goldstein

How Do Search Engines Work?

What Is A Hacker? With Mitch Altman

  • First Day (What’s It Mean To Be A Hacker?)
    Performed by Rob Vincent
    Music by Josh Anderson and Rob Vincent
    Lyrics by Josh Anderson and Gus Andrews
    (with all respect to Charlie Tyson and Sesame Street)

Syntax Terror

Kickstarter disc tracks
All About Tetanus

Kickstarter Outtakes

Disc background tracks