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with Weena and Erna

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In the puppets’ words


ErnaWe skip school and hang out in an advertising agency closet so you don’t have to. Hide out in an ad agency closet, that is. (It’s pretty gross in there. All kinds of discarded crass displays of capitalis@f4t6$%(^9fD(A WEENA GIVE ME THAT KEYBOARD we’re going to do this like PROFESSIONAL INTERNETSdW(U#@#d

WeenaO hai! Welcome to The Media Show. We run it — that’s us, Erna and Weena Jimenez.

Erna and Weena Jimenez. Fighting.

ErnaWe’re two sisters from Washington Heights, New York City, who have been hanging out in a closet at this undisclosed ad agency since 2008, when Weena skipped school and I chased after her to bring her back. We just sorta had fun here, meeting media industry people and messing with ads, so even though I try to be a good student, I keep coming back.

I, Erna, am a member of multitudinous and multifarious fandoms. My annoying sister is a punk, but tells me that secretly, deep down in her heart, she is a furfa432w434D%WI(W

Weena don’t OPPRESS ME, Erna!  I am a proud member of the Furry community, a sparkle-fox-dragon-fairy, and have an awesome fursuit to prove it.

Have questions about what goes on in New York City, where some 95% of the worlds’ media maintain their headquarters? Let us know! We’ll take you behind the scenes, tell you about weird media jobs you’ve never heard of, show you around the Internets, and give you a heads-up on the creepy things advertisers are trying to pull these days.


Where can I see your show?

You can see it right here on the YouTubes!

If you’re sisters, why don’t you look the same?

You haven’t spent much time in New York, have you? Have you ever heard the phrase “sister from another mister”? That’s us. We have the same mom, but Erna’s dad was a Yorkshire terrier, and Weena’s dad was an eel.

Are you communists?

I do not think that word means what Glen Beck you think it means.