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Here are some of the wonderful folks who have joined us on the show.

Mitch AltmanMitch Altman is inventor of the TV-B-Gone, a device for switching off TVs in public places and reclaiming bits of the media environment. Mitch is a well-known figure in hacker culture, travelling the world and spreading the hacker spirit everywhere he goes.

Mitch joined us for the episode “TV-B-Gone,” and again to explain “What is a hacker?

Greg ContiGreg Conti is a professor of Computer Science at West Point.

Greg joined us for the episode “Evil Interfaces.”

Blaine CookBlaine Cook is a software engineer, and one of the original developers of Twitter.

Blaine Cook joined us for the aptly-named episode “Twittering with Blaine Cook.”

Bryan Currie first came to us to talk about his work in the product placement industry for the episode “Product Placement.” For more info on Bryan check out our Cast & Crew page; we liked him so much, we decided to keep him.

Robert Durff
Robert Durff is a friendly developer who spoke to us about the work he did in the field of language localization for software.

“What is Language Localization?” was the most recent in a very long line of creative collaborations between Robert and Gus, as evidenced by this video they made together at age 12.

Emmanuel Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein is best known as the editor and publisher of hacker quarterly 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. He is the producer of New York talk radio’s Off the Hook (WBAI) and Off the Wall (WUSB). Emmanuel is also the grand poobah of the biennial Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) conference. Some time after he ended up at our House Party, Emmanuel joined us to answer the question “What is a hacker?

James GrimmelmannJames Grimmelmann is a lawyer, technologist, an Associate Professor at New York Law School, and a member of its Institute for Information Law and Policy.

James joined us for the episode “What’s Fair Use?

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a unique order of nuns who perform a wide range of charity work, protest, and performance art in promotion of universal joy and acceptance.

Sister Titania Humperpickle, Sister Mary Ralph, and friends joined us for the episode “House Party.”

That One Professor is a mystery.