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WeenaWeena Jimenez

Of the Jimenez sisters, Weena is the more radical (in the political sense, and — she thinks — in the 1980s slang sense as well.) ¬†Weena has a tendency to take things to their weirdest conclusion, and go even stranger places from there.

Weena’s response to most aspects of our media environment is to rage and/or break stuff.

Weena’s favorite sport is rebellion, and her favorite food is rebellion.

ErnaErna Jimenez

Erna is the level-headed sister, wise enough to take things around her with a grain of salt yet optimistic enough to consider that she might actually like something that’s being advertised to her. That is, until one of her many celebrity “boyfriends” shows up and she’s hit with an attack of fangirl squeeeeee!

Erna often finds herself distracted from her academic and fannish pursuits by Weena’s latest rant.

The Monster of the Week doing a little CaramelldansenMonster of the Week

Named for the TV Trope which spawned him, Monster of the Week decided he liked Erna and Weena enough that he hung around well past his allotted week.  Monster has randomly turned up ever since; sometimes helping, sometimes hindering, often devouring something or someone in the process.

Some of our wonderfully disposable InternsInterns

Somewhere, Erna has found an endless supply of college-age interns who show up from parts unknown and do the girls’ bidding for course credit. The most fortunate of this endlessly helpful, eager to please, and refreshingly naive army of helpers get to stay alive long enough to get fired!