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The other side of “hacking” – Why support The Media Show?

Posted by Gus at 2:27 pm, September 7, 2014 | 111107 - What is a hacker with Emmanuel Goldstein, 120216 - What Is A Hacker with Mitch Altman, Kickstarter

Did you catch these videos where Mitch Altman and Emmanuel Goldstein explain what “hacker” has historically meant within the tech community?

If you did, Hi! We’re The Media Show, produced by Gus Andrews and Rob Vincent. We’ve been involved in the Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) conference and Off The Hook for many years. And we’d like to ask for your help to make more videos like these.

On The Media Show, we encourage people to think critically about the media and technology. Often, what that means to us is pulling together some of the great speakers from the hacker community, and having them explain what they’d normally present at HOPE or DEFCON in simple terms, through shorter videos.

We’ve had Mitch talk about the TV-B-Gone; Greg Conti talk about “evil interfaces,” and James Grimmelmann explain fair use. We’ve also done our own episodes about how spam gets to your mailbox and how search engines work. Heck, we even did an episode on how software gets translated.

We’re SO EXCITED about the experiment we want to run this season: answering questions about tech and media which show up in Google search autocomplete when you ask things like “Why do ads… (keep popping up on my computer)?” or “How does the Internet… (make money)?” That means people are actually asking these questions — and often there aren’t any short, entertaining videos to answer them. Instead, the top result is often Yahoo Answers. (Blech.)

Would you kick in $10, $25, even $100 to help us spread hackery goodness and tech savvy to a broader audience? Who knows — it might mean the difference between giving your clueless uncle one of our videos and hacking on a cool new Raspberry Pi project, or┬áspending your afternoon clearing malware off his computer instead.

Backers get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes shot, outtakes, and the production blog. Plus cool swag like puppets, phone or computer art from Rob Vincent, or even a night out in NYC with the cast.

Join us! Thanks in advance for your support.

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