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A gentle way to tell relatives to stop sending forwards – Why Support The Media Show?

Posted by Gus at 8:26 pm, September 6, 2014 | About the Show, Kickstarter

You get them all the time: emails, Facebook posts, and text messages from friends and relatives saying “If you call an 800 number and they put you through to India, you can request to be sent to an American call center!” or “Forward this chain letter or terrible things will happen to you!” or “Obama’s birth certificate isn’t real!” With some people, it never ends, and you just need a gentle way to tell them that the forward isn’t true, or that it’s just rude to send so many forwards to begin with.

We know this. So we made you some videos.

In our second season we produced a number of short, sweet videos everyone could use to send these messages quickly:

  • Snopes Before You Send introduces a new mantra we hope will go through everyone’s head before they freak out about some scary story they heard on the Internet.
  • Netiquette compares Internet etiquette to rules older generations may understand, like holding the door open for your elders or wearing white gloves to tea.
  • Online Predators debunks popular myths about scary Internet strangers.
  • What’s In A Flame shows what happens when you go off on someone online.
  • And most recently, Syntax Terror explains why it’s important to spell someone’s email address correctly.

We love explaining the Internet to people who are new to it. So this season, we are specifically responding to who, what, where, and why questions about technology and the media which we find in Google search autocompletes. This means we’re responding to questions people actually ask, and giving video responses where frequently there aren’t any. We think we stand to reach a LOT of people this way, and we’re excited to see the results.

Will you join us in seeing how this experiment turns out? Pledge here to support the next few episodes of The Media Show!

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