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Bored in Marketing Class? Support The Media Show!

Posted by Gus at 12:10 am, September 4, 2014 | About the Show, Kickstarter

Sometime in 2010, the following comment appeared on The Media Show’s channel page:

“I like to watch the Media Show when I am bored in Marketing class”

This was, of course, exactly what we wanted to hear. We post videos on YouTube because we see advantages to teaching about the media outside of classrooms.

Students can find us “just in time,” when their own inquiry drives them to the Internet to learn more about the Internet, TV, radio, and other media. With our upcoming season, we’re planning our episodes specifically to target high-ranking questions about the media we find in Google’s search autocomplete — in other words, questions that people are already asking.

Discussing these questions on YouTube means we participate in larger debates about gender, race, and social responsibility in forums where people may be forming new opinions.

The viewer who posted this was a college student in St. Louis, MO. Asked about how he found us, he wrote,

“I found the show one day in marketing class. We were learning about product placement and the teacher was being really boring. I knew there had to be a better way to present the lesson so I set out to find it. I found the product placement episode on youtube and have been watching the show ever since.”

By interviewing media industry professionals, we also bring real career information to viewers like MichealBank who may live outside of major media industry hubs. Our series on “weird jobs” aims to make it clear that there are more jobs in film than just “actress” or “producer,” more jobs in the tech industry than just “programmer” or “insanely wealthy college dropout who never has to work another day in his/her life.”

The latest episode in our “weird media jobs” series is on language localization, or translating software and adapting it for different cultures. Recommended for bilingual students, history and geography buffs, or anyone who’s curious about the technology they use every day.

Want to help us make more episodes demystifying media and technology? Click here and support our fundraising campaign!


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