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Scared to violate copyright in your classroom? Support The Media Show

Posted by Gus at 1:57 pm, September 3, 2014 | About the Show, Kickstarter

If you don’t use movies or music in your classroom because you’re scared to violate copyright, you should support The Media Show.

We hear this a lot from teachers. A middle-school teacher wrote to us saying “I know I’m probably breaking a million copyright laws, but I’m going to show this episode to my 7th grade television broadcasting students about product placement.”

Teachers are increasingly scared to show video content in their classes, not to mention let kids use music, graphics, and other content in their projects. The media industries have done a great job of putting the Fear of Lawsuit into them, spreading their own curricula to convince educators that fair use is wrong.

If you’re a teacher who has given up using media in the classroom because you’re scared of being fined, the first thing you should do is watch our episode on fair use. OK, no, actually — the FIRST thing you should do is get your hands on a copy of Renee Hobbs’s excellent book Copyright Clarity, because Renee has done great research to give you the answers you need. And then check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s well-planned Teaching Copyright materials.

If you need short, engaging video clips that introduce the topics of copyright and fair use, though, check out our What’s Fair Use? and Two Songs Don’t Make A Right videos. And support The Media Show, so we can keep making more videos that dramatize and explain complicated concepts like where spam comes from, how “evil interfaces” trick you, and how search engines work.

We’re making the entire back archives of The Media Show available on DVD — great for lessons on online safety, fact-checking websites, or media literacy topics like photo manipulation and advertising tactics.

Click this link to support our show. Thank you!

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